About the Course

CTWT’s Team Safety taps a wealth of real-world experience to help you and your associates or loved ones devise practical, flexible plans for coping with just about any threat. In this two-part, classroom-only course, you’ll learn basic and advanced techniques of this unique 21st Century survival skill.

In Part I, a 2-hour introduction to basic team safety, you’ll learn:

  • How stress changes interpersonal relationships.
  • 6 bad habits that can lead to tragedy and 3 ways to overcome them.
  • How principles drawn from law enforcement and urban military experience can increase your team’s survival chances.
  • How to expand your safety team to include small children, the elderly, and visitors.
  • Ways to survive and escape an “active shooter” and avoid common street crimes.
  • How to organize a safety team at home and in the workplace.

Part II – Advanced Team Safety. This 2-hour class builds on what you learned in Part I by teaching you:

  • Simplified LEO/SWAT and MOUT techniques for greater security inside and outside the home.
  • Team Safety tactics for unarmed couples.
  • Team Safety tactics when one team member is armed.
  • Team Safety tactics when two or more team members are armed.
  • How to safely store a readily available firearm at home and in your car.
  • How to devise a Team Safety plan in a fun and challenging “final exam” simulating a real-world crisis, complete with complications—just as in real life!

In short, learning Team Safety may be the best investment your family or organization can make in itself. Depending on the needs and interests of your team, your lead instructor will emphasize either family or workplace scenarios tailored to the risks you’ll most likely face.


Although Team Safety is best taken by all the people who will regularly comprise your team, any group can benefit when one or a few members receives our training and takes back what they’ve learned. There are no age limits or physical requirements for participation, but children taking the course should be mature enough to understand the significance of their training. While certain exercises involve “Blue Gun” (inert plastic training aid) demonstrations, no functional firearms are allowed in class and no martial-arts style “combatives” are required.

You Will Need to Bring

Since volunteers are encouraged to participate in some demonstrations, please wear comfortable, casual clothing.

We Will Provide

Pad and pen for taking notes; coffee, soft drinks, light snacks, and bottled water (unless these are available from the facility) throughout both sessions.

Fee for Private Class: $150 per person

Part I (Basic) or Part II (Advanced): $150 per person, per part, 1 to 4 individuals per class. Due to the smaller size of private classes, Part II (Advanced) training includes additional interactive scenarios tailored to your team’s profile.

Fee for Group Training: $75 per person

Part I (Basic) or Part II (Advanced): $75 per person, per part, with no limitation on the number of participants. For Part II interactive exercises, large groups are divided into smaller teams, each solving a different Team Safety challenge.

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A Certificate of Completion is presented to each participant at the end of both Part I and Part II classes.

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This is not an NRA-approved course.

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