Group Training in Arizona

Group Training develops defensive skills, self-confidence and camaraderie for members of your company, club, or community organization. While personal protection begins with the proper mindset, group safety often requires collaborative problem-solving, mutual trust, and trained responses. For courses involving the firing range, CTWT’s Group Training is designed for 5 to 15 participants to ensure maximum attention from your lead instructor and coaches. For classroom-only courses, attendance is limited only by the size of the facility.

As your group’s organizer or coordinator, you must ensure that:

  1. all participants meet the prerequisites shown for your selected course,
  2. any participant health-related issues are noted in your application,
  3. participants requesting CTWT-supplied handgun, ammunition, and range safety equipment are identified in advance, and
  4. if custom coaching is requested, that participants in a given instructional block agree to a similar course-of-fire.

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One-shot Stop Gun Training Incapacitate a potentially lethal threat with the fewest possible shots.

The One-Shot Stop

Groups of experienced shooters can expand their self-defense skills with our one-of-a-kind CNS-OSS targeting method.
Self-Defense for Seniors Gun Training Class Seniors have advantages some criminals overlook.

Self-Defense for Seniors

Safety inside and outside the home for seasoned citizens—a two-part course that includes optional range training.
Team Safety Gun Training Class Stay safe in the most dangerous situations by practicing team safety.

Team Safety

Keep family or colleagues secure with our unique Team Safety methods—a 2-part classroom-only adventure that shows your group how to cope with any threat.
Get Your AZ-CCW Permit Class Obtaining an AZ-DPS CCW permit has many advantages.

Get Your AZ-CCW Permit

“Street-wise” training for legally armed citizens, including everything your group needs to prepare and submit their AZ-DPS CCW permit applications.
Custom Gun Safety, Training, and Skills Coaching Mastery of one type of firearm does not guarantee mastery over another. Expand your horizons and skills.

Custom Coaching

Expand or perfect your group’s skills with virtually any firearm or defensive tactics.
Basic Pistol Course 8-hour course covering handgun basics.

Basic Pistol

Your group learns to safely own and use a handgun for self-defense or sport.
NRA Personal Protection In the Home Course 8-hour course exploring a variety of home defense options.

NRA’s Personal Protection In the Home

Your group devises a safe & effective plan for defending their home and loved ones.
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Course 14-hour course to prepare shooters for self-defense outside of the home.

NRA’s Personal Protection Outside the Home

Extend your group’s self-defense plan to public spaces with the NRA’s flagship defensive handgun course.